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The Pregnancy Rollercoaster Begins

Well y‘all… I have some news!! Yours truly is pregnant! But I need to tell's been a rollercoaster of emotions already!

I was supposed to have my period on December 26. So that morning when I woke up and I realized I didn't start, I decided to go ahead and get a pregnancy test (well 5 actually). So I get home and I immediately go straight to the bathroom and pee on the stick. Now I have to tell you, this was not my first time taking a pregnancy test since taking out my birth control in October. I had some FSA money to spend so I bought like 10 tests. I have taken 10 pregnancy tests between October and November.

And for the very first time, I peed on a stick and I saw two very distinct lines on a test. {Rollercoaster is cruising upward} All I could do was stand in my bathroom holding the pee stick. STUCK. I have to tell my husband who is playing video games in our bedroom. I walk in, I say "Babe..." and I handed him the stick. He says "are we pregnant?!" I nod my head and he high fives me.

Yes! That's what I said. Upon finding out that I am finally pregnant, my husband high fives me. Haha Teamwork makes the dream work. Now Let me tell you, I was so excited so I text my sister the news. This little sister of mine, has consistently told me that she is ready for her "Rich Auntie Status" and that my husband and I better hurry up. She immediately calls me and tells me that I need to go to the doctor.

So I schedule one for Monday. My husband and I go together because I'll be damned if this man doesn't come to ever single appointment. {Rollercoaster headed down} I take a urine test at the hospital and the doctor comes into the room and tells my husband and I that my test has come back inconclusive. Now let me ask you, what the hell is an inconclusive pregnancy test?! It is a yes or no question. The doctor says that I need to draw blood to confirm whether or not I am indeed pregnant. Unlike urine tests, labs take a day or so to get results.

I walked into the hospital holding my husband's hand, happy, knowing that we were bringing life into this world together. However, I left, with unshed tears and uncertainty. {Rollercoaster is down low}.

After not sleeping last night because I kept refreshing my email I finally received the results! {Rollercoaster has turned and I have no clue if we are going up or down} I am pregnant!

{Rollercoaster is flying in the sky!}

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