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My Imperfect Husband

I know I started this blog because my dear husband isn't perfect and I was kinda upset.. but let me tell you.. It's not all bad. Let me tell you all my love story.

I was in a 5 year relationship, living with my ex-boyfriend. However, after 5 years, I felt that he wasn't making progress in his life nor in our relationship. So on November 13, 2020, I told him that we should take a year long break so that he can get himself together without worrying about me or us. But after a week I thought to myself "why the hell should I put my life on hold for a year to see if he steps up when I had already dedicated 5 years to this man?". So on November 20, I told him that we were over.

On November 26, my now husband messaged me on Instagram saying "Hey".

But you need a little more context. When he reached out to me, he wasn't a stranger. In fact, we went to high school together. Even took Photography class with one another and were partners. I must admit, I liked him in high school and we even talked about dating our senior year but it never really materialized. After high school, I went away to college, had too much fun, and ended up back home a year and a half later. Once I moved back home, we would hook up occasionally but nothing anything serious. We would go years without any contact but things always just came back together.

Now back to our love story....

I messaged him back saying "Hey". We exchanged phone numbers and I invited him to eat with me that night and at first he said no. I told him where I was going and later that day, he decided to come. So we went to eat Pho, talked about everything we had been through since we last talked. Just like before, our friendship was effortless. Neither one of us wanted the night to end, so we ended up walking around the grocery store next door to the restaurant. Eventually he asked if I wanted to get a room...

Well, as the wholesome woman I am, I said no. Haha Sike! I said sure! And I followed him to a hotel. When I tell you I was so nervous following him to the hotel. I was on the phone with my CB (cousin bestie) telling her where I was headed and with who. I had to make sure someone had his license plate in case I came up missing.

We got to the hotel, got to kissing, touching, and eventually ended up naked in bed. While we were having sex, he looked me in my eyes and told me to tell him that I loved him. Looking in his eyes, I knew that I did, but I refused to be the first one to say it. Throughout our whole history, we have never said those 3 words to one another. So I told him, "No. You have to say it first." And honey,he looked me in my eyes and said "I love you". I could tell he meant it and I said it back.

From November 26 through December 19, we saw each other every single day. One of those days, he even let me take his car and drive it while he was at work! And let me tell you, he loves his car! But just like when we were in high school, being with him felt so natural. We both continuously told one another that we were going to take this slow especially me since I had literally JUST got out of a long term relationship.

However, on December 19, my family and I drove to Georgia to be with my grandparents on Christmas. While I was in Georgia, we were on Facetime dang near 24/7! My family and I drove back and arrived home on January 5. My husband met us at my mom's house, helped up clean out the RV we drove and eventually asked my mother if he could talk to her. Little did I know that he was actually asking my mother for permission to marry me!

Once everything was cleaned, he drove me to a hotel and we were catching up on all the kisses we missed. Then all of a sudden, he stopped kissing me, went to his bag and pulled out a little blue box. I will never forget the nervousness that he was showing when he got down on one knee and told me that he wanted me to be his partner in life. Then he said the magic words of "Will you marry me?" Well, y'all already know, I said "YES!"

So, January 5, 2021 I became an engaged woman. January 22, we moved in together. Finally on May 23, 2021 we were married. No matter how much I may vent to you all, I want you to know that no matter what, I truly love my imperfect husband.

  • I love that we have fun together

  • I love that we try new things together

  • I love that we have our own lives that intertwine with the life we are building with one another

  • I love that he sees me as his partner

  • I love that he sends me a love message everyday

  • I love that when he says "I love you" I have no doubts that he is speaking the truth

  • I love that he is working on building a strong foundation of love for us and our family

  • I love that I love him

Man oh man! Do I love my imperfect husband!

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