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My Husband Don't Play Fair

Now if you are going in order, my last post (I Can Show You A Mad Black Woman) was about my husband deciding to "give me space" and me walking the hell out. Well... here is the rest of the story...

disclaimer: this is a sexual post so if you aint ready, feel free to skip this one.

I went to finish my work at my local Barnes and Nobles. I do love being surrounded by books. After all my work was finished, I bought some chocolate for my mom, then met up with her to give them to her, then after many hours have passed, I made my way home.

Where I quickly took a shower and laid next to my husband in our California King size bed. I rolled over so my back was facing him and quickly went to sleep. Yup! Ya girl went to bed angry. Now I am always going to be honest with you all cause y'all my peeps. I was planning on being angry for a couple of days. I don't get mad easily so when I do, I like to make whoever out in that state suffer.

But my husband doesn't play fair! Do you know that I was awakened by my husband pulling off my pants and kissing me on my inner thighs! Now if there is one thing me and my husband both love to give and receive it is head. So he proceeds to please me in every way. I am feeling all tingly just remembering everything as I type this.

But there is always something special about when he finally fills me for the first time, he looks me in my eyes and tells me he loves me. He knows that he makes me weak. He makes me vulnerable. He makes me feel protected. He makes me feel like his woman. He makes me feel like his wife.

After we finish making love while trying to have a baby (y'all know what that means), he asks me if I'm still upset with him. How dare he! He knows damn well ANY attitude I had, left my body the moment his tongue touched my body. So why was I mad again?

I can't even remember lol. The struggle is real!

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