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Let the Process Begin!

Now I know I may not have any readers but I will do a brief recap of my "trying to have a baby" section. After losing my grandfather in September of 2021, my hubby and I decided to change our plans of waiting 5 years before we had a baby.

After taking out my birth control in October, by a miracle, I had a positive pregnancy test the day after Christmas. However, on January 3, we lost the baby and my left fallopian tube due to an ectopic pregnancy. Miraculously, I was able to get pregnant again in April, but once again, I had an ectopic pregnancy and lost the baby and this time, my right tube in May 2022.

In case anyone doesn't know, "You can not have a baby naturally without IVF if you do not have fallopian tubes."

Sooo.. here is where I will be documenting my In-Vitro Fertilization process. It could be educational for someone who may be going through the same thing but I am purposely doing this for therapy. As of June 14, we have had our initial consult with CNY Fertility on June 8. From what they have told me:

  • First Month: Testing and Paperwork

  • Second Month: Egg Retrieval

  • Third Month: Implementation

Currently being in my first month, I have done blood work and thankfully was able to schedule my saline ultrasound next week. This is important because this ultrasound HAS to be done a certain number of days into your menstrual cycle. With trying to schedule my testing appointments, I realized I have no idea how to really use my medical insurance. However, thankfully, Facebook is still a thing and there are some amazing groups out there!

I joined 2 main Facebook groups:

  1. CNY Fertility Support Group

  2. CNY California Travel Group

Both of these have been amazing resources. In fact, I already made a friend because she was willing to talk to me about her experience with CNY! If anyone is going through this process, I would 100% recommend getting in these groups and posting/making friends!

See you tomorrow!

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