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I Can Show You A Mad Black Woman

When we got married, we told each other that we would never go to sleep mad at each other. Haha I almost made a wall cutout that even said those words over our bed so we wouldn't forget. Good thing I didn't waste my vinyl cause honey..did I go to bed mad yesterday!

So let me tell you my side of the story...

It started with us waking up and cuddling (our usual). I get up, put on clothes, walk my long commute to work straight to the living room, and I start working. My hubby gets in the shower and by the time he comes out, I am in my zoom meeting. I look up, and my husband is fully dressed and looking like he is about to leave. Like I said, I am in a meeting so I can't ask him where he is going. Then this crazy man walks out our damn door.

Hell no! Thank God for my Mac computer that is connected to my messages. Cause you know I promptly text him, "where are you going?" Do you know what this man texted me back? "Idk" What in the flying f**k? Next question I ask is "Why did you leave?" Once again this man has lost his mind cause he replies "Give you space".

Story Interlude: Now I know y'all may not know me but I can quickly and happily tell you, IF I EVER NEED SPACE, MY HUSBAND WILL BE THE FIRST TO KNOW. And he will know it cause I will be the first to walk out the damn door! Sorry for this interruption, let me get back to the story.

So my meeting is over and I am now like you know what, I don't have to work from this apartment. I can work from home, Starbucks, or even Barnes and Nobles! So I pack my computer in my purse, grab my charger and I start putting on my shoes. And without a doubt, he decides to bring his butt home at that time and proceeds to ask me "Where are you going?" Now ladies? What do you think I did next?

  1. Tell him "I am going out to give you some space"

  2. Tell him " I am going to my mother's house"

  3. Look him in his eyes, not say a damn thing, then walk out the door

Yes ladies! I didn't say a damn thing. Haha! For the people who know me and the ones who will get to know me, you will come to know that I am as petty as they come. I can be as sweet as sugar or I can be the embodiment of a Mad Black Woman! So to Barnes and Nobles I go.

Y'all...the struggle continues.

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